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GP Moto Racing 2

In GP Moto Racing 2, new challenges on the courses are available to enthusiasts of motorcycle racing. Aim to complete the race. After finishing a race or winning a race, you will receive money. You can purchase additional motorcycles with this money. The first bike in the game is free, while the other two cost money.

You can pick between the race and time attack modes. In the first mode, everything starts off with your racer and his opponent right away, as usual. The objective is to complete the specified number of laps first. You must ride alone while spinning on the course if you wish to engage in combat quickly. There are numerous distinct numbers around the corners that you will need during the race. When accelerating, attempt to overtake another vehicle without going off the road because the track contains numerous steep twists. Although you will lose time, you won't be eliminated.

How To Play

  • To convert, use WASD. Brake using Space, increase Nitro with Ctrl, and switch the camera perspective with C.

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