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Gorilla Adventure

In Gorilla Adventure, you'll go on an adventure across a futuristic planet. This thrilling adventure takes place in the future, when artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where it can mimic the behavior of real animals. After he managed to get out of the lab, your gorilla is now stuck in a box and needs your help to get out. Navigating the perilous cityscapes at night will put your reflexes and abilities to the test.

To move the gorilla ahead, you can use the left and right mouse buttons to swing the stick that's linked to the cage. Quick thinking and accurate movement are required to overcome the many platforms and obstacles you'll meet during the game. Without letting the gorilla die from the perils of the environment, you must lead it to the conclusion of each level by climbing up, down, and ahead constantly. Are you prepared to go on an exciting adventure with our robotic companion? How far can your abilities lead you in this intriguing world? Let's find out together!

How To Play

The gorilla may be easily controlled by merely dragging the mouse pointer.

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