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Golf Bounce

In the entertaining online game Golf Bounce, your goal is to bounce a penguin as far as you can. The small penguin and the polar bear invented a game that is quite similar to golf. Umka gets ready to tackle golf's bounce after collecting two flamingos in the shape of sticks. He is waiting for your team, and the white lines and red flags that mark the path will direct you. Where the penguin would go in the hole was marked by him. However, it is advised to bounce often and gather gold coins first. There are three attempts required to complete each of the twenty levels. Keep the penguin away from the jagged spikes, and use the coins you've collected to unlock different pastries.

In the current game, your goal is to launch your penguin as far as you can while still collecting money by trying to guess the perfect angle and power. These coins can then be used to buy a variety of upgrades, including ones that increase speed, power, or launch efficiency. Make sure to stay clear of anything on the map that can cause you to lose flight. Let's get started; you can also play this game on your phone.

How To Play

  • Tap or click to interact.

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