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Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow is a climbing-themed skill game in which the objective is to cross a snowy mountain. As Christmas approaches rapidly, you can begin playing in the snow and climbing the mountain without leaving your home. Yes, you read correctly! All of information is immediately accessible. In addition to being extremely entertaining, it also tests your timing, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination, as well as your speed. Play Getting Over Snow to acquire this information and more.

How To Play

Hold your mouse or finger on the screen to extend your arm over the mountain while maintaining the necessary distance to escape traps and obstructions that will cause you to fall. Grab the gems, power-ups, and other cool items you find along the way, and aim for the raccoons at the top of the screen to free them and complete the level.

In addition to this game, we would like to recommend additional Santa Parkour games to you all here and we are confident that you will win. Who would dare to miss out on the excitement?

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