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Geometry Dash Nemesis

Get lost in a colorful square box and embark on an action-adventure in the endless neon world of Geometry Dash Nemesis. Shoot and advance in the entertaining online game Geometry Dash Nemesis. The primary protagonist of the game is the green square. He is unable to jump or do certain maneuvers. He can only march ahead and fire. He only needs to fire one round from his pistol to get through the obstacles in his way. By improving his weapons and removing obstacles, you can help him clear a route. The player's task is to remove roadblocks, gather gold coins for improvements, and buy new weapons to gain power. As you play more, the speed will increase, so move swiftly. Have fun competing!

How To Play

You can play this game for free. Using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard, you can play this game on a computer.

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