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Fury Bike Rider

You compete in motorcycle races on the fast Autobahn in the thrilling new game Fury Bike Rider with a gang of young people. You must visit the in-game garage at the beginning of the game and select your first motorcycle model from the available possibilities. Following that, you will find yourself on the road with your rivals, rushing at it with increasing speed. Please take a close look at the screen. Along with your rivals, you will need to pass a variety of fast-moving automobiles on the road. If you finish first, you will earn points that you can spend to purchase a new motorcycle.

Three game types are available in the game: racing, challenging, and free driving. The first two games each offer two game settings and twelve levels to complete. There are two variants of the initial race game mode: Sky City and Raly, each with 12 levels. You may race from the most picturesque locales with the help of the Sky City and Raly modes, which will test you to the limit. Through the races you will have in this game, there are numerous destinations to explore. Make sure you finish the stages and have enough experience to upgrade your motorcycle.

How To Play

  • Drive control: "ARROW KEY" or "WASD"
  • Nitro-Shift: "N"
  • Camera view: "C"
  • Handbrake: "Space bar"

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