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Funny Pong

A distinctive take on the traditional pong game is Funny Pong. The game is easy to play but difficult. The ball bounces off ceilings and walls in strange ways as it glides unpredictably. Due to the difficulty of predicting where the ball will fall, players must possess exceptional reflexes and agility. Players have to pay close attention to the ball's movement and time their clicks correctly in order to keep up.

When a white ball is given a command, it will work. He'll launch himself forward, slamming into the room's roof and walls. As a result, he will continually alter his movement's trajectory. You'll need to keep a close eye on him and click the screen as soon as he crosses the floor's conditional line. In this manner, the floor can be polished and materialized in a matter of seconds.

Players will come across difficulties that get harder as they go through the game. It will be harder to keep up with the ball's unpredictable movements as it moves quicker. It will also be harder to predict where the ball will land because there will be more impediments in the space, like changing floors and walls.

How To Play

  • To play, use a mouse or touch screen.

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