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Funny Bone Surgery

In the brand-new medical video game, Funny Bone Surgery, you'll have to assist in fixing a child's fractured bone after they were struck in the leg. The first time, we'll need to take a shower, wash the young girl who is lying on the bed with soap, and then dry her off with a towel. Dealing with the little microorganisms that are prevalent all over the child's body will be the next stage. A magnifying glass can be used to see the wounds more clearly. You must remove the little bacteria from the head and foot wounds with a scalpel before cleaning and applying a patch to the wound that was made from the skin's surface. The next phase in the game is to create a bone film, take an X-ray film to pinpoint the fracture's position, and then execute the best operation you can to finish this procedure in a century. green. There are three separate stages in the game that you must successfully finish in order to advance.

How To Play

  • To play the game, use your mouse.

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