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Free Shots

Free Shots lets you throw the ball for free! In order to make a shot in this game, you must drag a line of tiny dots from Gumball to the basketball rim. If the shot is successful, you will receive points. Round after round, make an effort to keep scoring and accumulate as many points as you can. After each successful shot, the basketball rim moves, keeping you on your toes. One ball is lost each time you miss; if you lose all three of your balls, your free spins are ended and you must start over. Of course, we insist that you put in more effort and perform even better with each new game you play.

How To Play

  • Employ the mouse.

It's easy to enjoy this game, so try it right away and don't be shy about telling your friends how much fun you had. Play more of our entertaining games, such as Looney Tunes Recess!

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