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Foxy Land 2

As the name implies, Foxy Land 2 is an adventure game featuring platforms and animals. This series' second installment is a potent improvement over the first. Make your way through the level using the platform with your chosen character(s), dodging any opponents, traps, or obstructions that may be in your path. You should also try to gather coins, eliminate any foes, and advance as far as you can without stress. You are ready to have incredible adventures in this game right now!

How To Play

Move with the A and D keys, jump and double jump with W by pressing it twice, and shoot with G if you're Player 1 and L if you're Player 2.

Surely you already understand everything you need to know to play the game at its best. So we hope you will do it right away. Also we have more great games like Doc HoneyBerry Kitty Surgery! Wish you have fun!

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