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Flip Dunk

You may play the brand-new basketball game Flip Dunk right now. To score, you must throw the ball into the hoop. As you learn how to play Flip Dunk, concentrate on dropping the ball, preventing it from falling off the launch pad, and launching it into the ring. Make sure the ball doesn't fall out of the launcher when using it, or the game will end before it even begins. There are two different game types in Flip Dunk, and each one lets the player select their preferred level. Keep in mind that if the ball falls off the launcher, you will have to restart the game. If you'd like, you can play a variety of +100 levels in mission mode.

How To Play

Because this is a basketball game, the only way to win is by putting a lot of balls through the hoop. To precisely shoot the ball into the ring, use the mouse and keyboard.

Our basketball game is always changing. As more characters, skins, and game types are created, keep an eye out for more thrilling new games like Paper Flick!

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