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Flick Snowball Xmas

The holiday season is a great time to play the entertaining and difficult game Flick Snowball Xmas. Tossing snowballs at Santa and his elves will cause them to fall off the roof, which is the goal of the game. You will use the snowman's head in place of a ball because it is also round and won't be hindered by the cap or carrot nose. Let's throw the snowball in the basket. If you make even one error, the game will be reset, and you will have to earn those lost points. Until you raise it, the highest score will be saved. The shield with the ring will shift positions before beginning to move in all directions, revealing rewards and stars. You will need patience and persistence to win the game because it is very difficult.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

This summer, Coconut Basketball is the best game for you if you're seeking something entertaining and tough to play.

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