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Fiveheads Soccer

In FiveHeads Soccer, you can play a fun soccer match against big sportsmen to get ready for the World Cup. You may view the teams your team will be playing against by selecting a country, which will lead you to a league table. The next decision is whether to play a game for two individuals or just one. Our athletes play mostly with their feet, despite having large heads. You must compete against several teams in order to win the Champion Cup.

Each game is a 2 vs. 2 battle. The competition features 32 teams in total. When the ball drops from above, you must immediately pass it to yourself. Wait to pass the ball to your opponent until it is on goal. Be proactive, brave, and incisive in Five Heads Soccer if your opponent scores first. Get the ball over, under, and into the goal of your opponents by coordinating your two players. To win and attempt to take the trophy home, score the most points possible.

How To Play

  • To play, use the touch screen, arrow buttons to navigate, and space to kick.

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