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Dunkers Fight 2P


A new and exciting game, Dunkers Fight 2P, has come to the lovers of the sport of basketball. This is a fun game for both of you and your friends to enjoy the time. Players will have to try to possess the basketball that will appear in the middle of the field and start attacking the opponent's penalty area to win. Let's get started with the game now!

How To Play

When participating in a tournament in this sport, the match will be held in a 1-vs-1 format. Your player will stand on the left side of the basketball court that appears on the screen. At the signal, your match will begin. Withskillful control, the player will have to knock down the opponent and travel a certain distance before making the throw. If the goal is correct, the player throws the ball into the ring. For this, the player will get points in the game Dunkers Fight 2P. Whoever takes the lead in points wins the match.

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