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Doraemon Basketball

Basketball is one of the many off-court games that the robotic cat Doraemon will need to learn how to play in Doraemon Basketball. The game appears pointless to a robot from the future until he starts practicing in the backyard. You can play along in the Doraemon basketball game and aid the character in quickly picking up the fundamentals. The most important thing is to catch the ring. Play in adventure mode or on time.

First, decide whether you want to take on timed challenges where you have to score as many times as you can before the timer expires or challenges where you have to reach a set point total. Using the mouse, you must choose the ball's path in both of these scenarios because the beginning point varies. You must also choose the path that will get the ball into the ring in each instance. together, together. Try the game right away, and don't be hesitant to tell all of your friends about it!

How To Play

  • Employ the mouse.

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