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Dodgeball Battle

You participate in an entertaining tournament amongst jumpers from various civic organizations when you play the new game Dodgeball Battle. Your character will materialize in his hand and have a unique core before you appear on the screen. The image of your rival will show up on the screen in front of you. You must click on your chosen hero to bring up a unique scale. You must first determine the force of your throw before executing it. If you have the right vision, the core will hit the adversary and kill it.

Two teams compete against one another in a game of dodgeball. Only one winner will be on the board of at least one of his players, and that winner must be one of them. To avoid your opponents, each player must catch the ball and toss it at their opponent while using the mouse to control the game. With your hands, grab the ball and return it to them. To outwit and defeat your opponents, use your reflexes. Can you win this game of dodgeball?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Take part in our sports category and feel the surge of adrenaline. The pleasure never stops when new games like Volley Ball are constantly added!

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