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Take off on an exciting journey with Dodgeball, a cool and thrilling activity perfect for hot summer days. The refreshing water entices you to take part in an array of exhilarating rides that will not only amuse you, but also strengthen your bonds with friends and family while you enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Three different kinds of water rides are available in the game, catering to a range of group sizes and interests. In the first game, "Test," participants take part in a fast-paced frisbee-throwing competition while traveling through a thrilling water canal. In order to defeat your opponent, you must stop the slider at the color that corresponds to your disc.

With its underwater soccer mode, this game offers a distinctive take on the traditional soccer game. In this thrilling underwater soccer adventure, you and your friends will battle it out to outscore and outscore your opponents in a water-filled war of abilities.

How To Play

1 Player Mode

  • Arrow keys or WASD = move
  • F stands for pitching.

2 Player Mode

  • Player 1: F throws the ball using the F button and moves with WASD.
  • Player 2: moves with the arrow keys and throws the ball with the K button.

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