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Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour


Are you up to the challenge of Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour? You must race against the clock and demonstrate your abilities in 40 distinct stages. You can upgrade your motorcycle and purchase new motorcycles with the money you earn in the game. With increasingly powerful motorcycles, you can easily pass new stages! Try to enhance your own performance at each new level.

How To Play

In mountain bike races, a group of teenage riders will compete. You can compete against them in Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour and try to win. Your character, who will go behind the wheel of his motorcycle, will appear in front of you on the screen. He will swap gears and turn the throttle at the signal, then accelerate slowly to gain speed. Take a good look at the trail! It will travel across rough terrain and will be slightly muddied. Drive your motorcycle with care; you will have to fly through all of the risky areas without falling. There will be slopes and paths along the way, so be cautious.

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