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Death Ball

Take off on a thrilling adventure in the universe of Death Ball, a sophisticated online game that blends drama, strategy, and dexterity. Enter a realm where you are in control of your heroic destiny in this inventive game.

In this game, you're placed in a carefully thought-out area with lots of challenges and obstacles on the screen. In this virtual battlefield, your allies are your heroes and their adversaries. Balls are strewn all over the place, ready to be picked up and utilized as weapons.

Navigate the labyrinth of obstacles, seize a ball fast, and practice your aim before hurling it at your adversaries. As soon as the ball touches an opponent, that opponent is out of the competition, and you score important points. This is a skill-based game with enormous stakes, where every move matters. Now go out there and feel the rush of a virtual competition!

How To Play

  • The arrow keys are what you'll use to navigate this game.
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