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Cycle Extreme

You'll climb the mountain with well-known extreme sports competitors to take part in the Cycle Extreme cycling competition. Your goal is to complete the level in the quickest amount of time possible while avoiding any accidents along the way. You'll need to pay close attention since there will be obstacles along the path that, if you don't avoid them and strike them, you'll immediately lose the level and have to keep moving. restart the race at the starting line.

You will see a tall mountain in front of you on the screen, where your character will be. He'll go on the bike and take the seat. The mountainside will have a trail leading down it. Your hero will begin cycling at the signal and rush forward, picking up speed as he goes. There will be high jumps along the way, so instead of rolling, he must take off and execute feats. Along the journey, there will also be numerous breaks of various lengths. After speeding up on a bike, your hero will have to jump over each one.

How To Play

  • Employ arrow keys.

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