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Charm Farm


There once existed the greatest and most well-known Magic Forest in Charm Farm in this location where you are playing right now! Kaya had been ruling there for a very long time, together with her loving small helpers and the rest of the populace, until one day Garp, the evil monster, emerged and obliterated everything. As a result, the old magic forest is now filled with dust and suffering. In the next strategy and adventure game, let's assist Kaya and her friends in regaining the reputation and glory of the forest now that she and the bulk of the inhabitants are still alive. Farm a lot of different things to acquire resources from the fertile soils of this magical world, and make sure you don't forget or skip any steps. Determine what has to be done, pick up as many materials that can be planted from the shop, and take other necessary actions to assist Kaya in repairing all the damage before removing Garp from their lands. Because Kaya sought assistance from other wizards from those places for As you will undoubtedly do this and be the best helper for him as well. Do your best, and a magical empire will grow back!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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