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Cannon Basketball 3

A blend of the shooter, sports, and puzzle genres may be found in Cannon Basketball 3. You will fireballs from the cannon in this game. To put the ball in the basket, you must go past challenging barriers, determine the ball's pitch and distance, and remember to collect golden stars if you want to move on to the next level. When the shooting game is available, click while aiming with the mouse at the target. Find the proper amount of force required, keeping in mind that the farther the line is drawn, the stronger your shot will be. In the next stages, try to complete as many rounds as you can while being cautious of every obstacle. For additional points, aim to catch stars when you throw the ball. All the best, and after you finish, be sure to check out the other brand-new games we just added to the site!

How To Play

  • Employ the mouse.

Play the game now, and don't be shy about telling your friends how much fun you had. It's easy to have fun with this game. Play some of our other entertaining games, including World Basketball Championship!

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