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Cannon Basketball 2

In the game Cannon Basketball 2, Cannon Basketball is back with 30 all-new levels! Throw flying basketballs through the hoops with your cannon to get as many stars as you can in each level. To shoot and score in those baskets, you must first solve the riddle that each board creates. Consider each problem carefully and set realistic goals. You won't be holding the ball in your hands in this online basketball game; instead, cannonballs will be used to strike the ball. You must think of new ways to move the ball into the basket and collect stars along the way, which is part of the logic game. If you don't collect all the stars before the ball goes into the basket, you won't have the opportunity to do so. Use the ball to move obstacles by actuating switches and levers.

How To Play

Using the mouse, aim. To shoot, tap. To place the ball in the basket, depress the lever and switch Gather every star to complete the level!

We also have a large selection of other basketball games that are quite similar to Idle Basketball and may be of interest to you. Enjoy!

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