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Calimero Basketball

Calimero Basketball is one of the newest games that just arrived in our sports category to test your skills and accuracy. You will require these skills to succeed in this game because nobody else can achieve your objectives. You must continue shooting as long as you can in the first challenge, and then you must snap as many pictures as you can before the given time expires. To choose the angle at which you want to shoot the ball, use the mouse. Ideally, you will succeed repeatedly. If you perform well, you might have a chance to rank among the top players. Be cautious and provide a specific quantity of baskets at each stage. You only have a set number of tests, so take care not to miss any of them, or you'll lose and have to restart. As you go to higher levels, you must exercise greater caution because it becomes increasingly difficult to shoot without hitting a loser. You tell Calimero and his pals to collect extra points while they are on the ground.

How To Play

  • Shoot the basketball into the hoop with your mouse.

Good luck to everyone, and be patient, as we have even more great content here for you, like Annedroids Junkyard Jam. All that content we guarantee you will enjoy, just like we did!

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