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Bubble Shooter HD


In Bubble Shooter HD, a number of bubbles will be present on the top side of the game screen. Let's get to work right away, before it's too late, and show everyone that you are the best at this unique and awesome shooting game by shooting them all, causing them to fall from their positions, disappearing, and awarding you valuable points. The score will increase the more bubbles are shot from a single shot, so adjust to the current situation and try to set a new record. There will be different colored bubbles, so you may also see a single bubble at the bottom of the game screen. Launch it to the rest of them, but be careful—they won't disappear unless you manage to arrange at least three of the same type and color close to one another, so this won't be easy. In this high definition bubble shooter adventure, go for it today and improve your skills at shooting bubbles with incredible accuracy to become a true master!

How To Play

Utilize a mouse.

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