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Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme will test the limits of your matching abilities. Explore new galaxies, then start having fun blasting things! This odd game is fairly challenging, but anyone who is familiar with computer games will be able to play through to the very end. To make bubbles of the same color disappear, they must be connected. You gain more points for each bubble that bursts in one shot. As each bubble explodes, the game is over. The thrilling intergalactic journey has begun! Play now to clear the board by shooting and popping bubbles while in space. Playing the finest game, soar high in the bubble universe!

How To Play

  • Employ mouse

We want you to appreciate this game at least as much as we did. There are a ton more games we'd like to suggest to you, including Bubble Shooter 3. Play the game in good fun!

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