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Bubble Hit

This unique and cool bubble hitting game, Bubble Hit, gives you the chance to use the mouse without a time limit to ensure that you correctly aim and fire the other bubbles, all of which are positioned in strategic locations from which not many people can reach them. This is why the objective is challenging, but also addictive—once a few bubbles have evaporated, it's impossible to stop doing what you've just begun. Go for it right away, and to make them disappear, line up at least three of the same type and color next to one another. I wish you success and am paying great attention to the small print Matching more than three bubbles of the same type and color next to one another simply increases success and, naturally, the number of points earned. Good luck and pay special attention to the small details so that you can pop every single bubble and finish the game quickly. Do not waste time and try to score the most points possible, since the more you wait, the closer the layers of bubbles will be to the floor.

How To Play

Utilize a mouse.

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