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Bounce and Collect

A new 3D arcade action game called Bounce and Collect is a lot of fun. This game involves knocking balls over as they navigate various barriers. Your goal is to gather balls by multiplying their number exponentially in bonus zones. You may practice speed control and put your skills to use both hands and eyes to good use by playing this game. The player is unable to gather enough balls to completely fill the cup. In some regions, the ball will be duplicated or tripled. You must collect every cell that your ball passes through since it will automatically increase by a set amount. Could you make it?

How To Play

Use your mouse to hold a cup in your hand, then move it to cause the balls to fall out. To get enough balls through the door, you must cause the balls to fall through portals on the chessboard with multipliers or adds. Otherwise, you won't be able to pass through the level's final gate.

Start playing now, have fun, and see what other fantastic games we have for you all. Each new level will be harder than the one before it, but it will also undoubtedly be more enjoyable. such as Great Air Battle!

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