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Black Hole Billiard

As long as you enjoy playing pool, Black Hole Billiard is a fun pool game for players of all ages. The game adds a fresh twist to the classic game in the form of a black hole in the center of the green canvas, so it's not entirely unusual. current arcade-style game that is relaxing for one player. To finish a level, you must align all of the red balls and black holes. There are 11 levels, each of which has a unique playing time.

Your goal is to throw every red ball on the field into the one hole instead of the standard squares in the table's corners. You'll strike the white cue ball. You can click on it to reveal a line showing the impact's direction. At the top, a scale runs Your stroke will be stronger the fuller you are. Select the appropriate time to attack, then tap. This field must be entirely deleted within the allotted time. At the bottom, the timer is set.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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