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Billiard Neon

You are invited to participate in the neon-themed billiards championship in the thrilling new game Billiard Neon. In this entertaining game of pool, your goal is to put every ball in the pocket. But watch out for the number 8 ball, as it has the power to finish the game. For more points, place the ball in the hole from low to high. Drag to change the shot's intensity after clicking to aim.

You will have to select the game's difficulty setting at the outset. A pool table will then materialize in front of you. At one end, there will be a white ball. You can view the balls presented in a specific geometric shape from the opposite side. You will strike the white ball with the signal. You'll need to compute its flight trajectory using a unique line. After that, you will perform while adjusting the hit's power with the aid of a running ladder. If all the calculations are accurate, the white ball will touch the other ball and bag. You will earn points for doing this. The player who picks them up the most times wins the game.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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