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Bench Press The Barbarian

The thrilling free online game Bench Press the Barbarian tells the story of the valiant warrior Onan and his regimented training. Assist him in returning his body to its natural form so that he can achieve the best score possible. As you prepare to move your fingers as quickly as possible, decide which weight you wish to lift and where Onan's hand is located.

The most intense battles were regarded as barbarous during the Middle Ages. They are all extremely strong physically. They go through specific training sessions each day. One of them will gain strength and be able to shake the press with your assistance. On the bench lies your idol. With his arms extended, he would grasp a hefty barbell. The barbarian will need your assistance to maintain his equilibrium. You must utilize the control keys to make our hero keep the barbell balanced in order to accomplish this.

Although it looks simple, doing this will show you that it is not at all simple. Could you attempt to raise the weight by making it hit your chest and then bouncing back to release it instead of letting it fall? This is a challenging exercise because of arm imbalances because the weights have a tendency to tip over and fall. Can you take on this task with enough beefcake?

How To Play

  • 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0: increase in weight
  • Mouse: choose hand position and weight

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