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Battle Soccer Arena

Welcome to Battle Soccer Arena, a thrilling soccer game. In this incredible soccer game, step onto the green battleground. Choose your side and use bombs and power-ups to defeat AI opponents. Play three soccer matches between the nations of your choice, either against your buddies or the computer. Goalkeepers are on both teams, so modify your style of play accordingly and have fun playing!

Playing arcade football in the Battle Soccer Arena is like never before since it combines the most cutting-edge modern technologies with time-honored classic games.

How To Play

Two game modes are available:

Standard football: three players versus three players with a set time limit to end the game

Exploding Soccer: This version of Normal Mode includes bombs. Bombs can hurt your character or offer you tremendous speed (via enhancing energy). They can also freeze you.

Do you like to participate in more thrilling football matches? Please feel free to try our other game, called Football Juggle. a wonderful time!


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