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About is a classic basketball game where you must master the game's rules and techniques in order to advance and score points. In order to play with other players in the same game, you must first be aware that the game is in the IO GAMES games category, making it a very popular social application.

Although basketball games are typically played on a concrete court in the schoolyard behind a big metal fence, you can learn the rules of basketball here. This game is played on the street since all of the field's walls are drawn with graphite. If you start the game, you'll need to sprint as far as you can on the opposing side of the court to make a 2-or 3-point basket.

You should be aware that although the matches go on for a long time—roughly one minute—each time a point is scored, the match terminates and you must restart from the middle of the field.

How To Play

Move the mouse, use WASD or ARROW KEYS on the keyboard. Mouse Click & Drag

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