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Basketball Physics

Downloadable basketball games abound, but none are as addicting or appear to be as easy to use as Basketball Physics. You should put on your soccer gear, enter the field, and hurl that ball until you make a basket since physics is a difficult subject that is made much more difficult by the ball and the basket. Shooting some basketballs that you have at the start of the game is the objective. Every shot you make counts because there are only so many of these balls available. Improve your score with the decisions you make. There are two physical characteristics that must be met before throwing the ball. Both the angle of the shot and the amount of force needed for the ball to drop safely into the net must be calculated. The player can drag a dotted line that specifies both the force and the angle to accomplish this. When the button is released, the computerized basketball player shoots.

How To Play

  • Jump and throw are tapped. Z for Player 1 and CODE for Player 2.

We also have several other basketball games that are similar to Basketball Fury and may be of interest to you. Enjoy!

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