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Ball in The Hole

You must throw a ball into an open box in the basic yet entertaining brain game Ball in the Hole. You must aim and release the ball to let it fly away each time you toss the ball into the hoop in this game. The more stars you score in each stage, the fewer throws you require. To raise your score, you can replay the levels as often as you like. The game's aesthetics are quite plain and straightforward, with a blue and white color palette. You must figure out how to get through a variety of obstacles on each unique level. Your target box might occasionally be at an awkward angle with large barriers between them, which would cause you to pause. In order for the ball to bounce in the most advantageous manner, you must use your intellect to analyze the angle and force of the shot. To perfect your pitch, much trial and error may be required. You may improve your reflexes, cognitive abilities, and inventiveness while having fun playing this game. Now try your hand at Ball in the Hole!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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