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Ball Hit

In the captivating online basketball puzzle game Ball Hit, you must drop the ball into the hoop to pass each level. In this physics game, all you have to do is get the ball into the ring. It sounds easy, doesn't it? To allow the ball to enter the ring, simply move the blocks and rotate the blocks. In this athletic contest, keep throwing the ball into the goal. The ball is being obstructed by a number of objects, all of which need to be moved out of the way. To finish all the enjoyable riddles, swipe the ball 30 times. Check out our useful video tutorials if you get stuck at any level. How many of the difficult online game's levels can you finish?

How To Play

To clear and rotate blocks, click or tap. To finish the level, you must get the ball into the ring.

You might find a lot of our basketball games that are comparable to Jump Dunk intriguing. Enjoy!

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