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Arcade BasketBall

Arcade Basketball is a video game where you can demonstrate your basketball prowess by shooting from various distances. Throw the balls quickly toward the hoop as you attempt to complete each difficult level. Choose your preferred team first, then take a picture before time runs out. To achieve a high score you can be proud of, earn as much as you can. There are 20 balls to fire, and you have a finite amount of time to try to make all the shots. To assist you in raising your score, there are in-game bonuses.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the character.
  • Cursor lock = F
  • Cursor Unlock = Esc
  • Jump = spacebar
  • Shoot = left click
  • Options = O

Hone your skills and prove your talent in every basketball match. You will need to practice basketball every day in other similar games like Basketball Dare because your opponent never sleeps and you have to keep up!

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