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Apex Football Battle

We are proud to introduce Apex Football Battle, a brand-new, action-packed online game for lovers of the popular sport of football. You will need to select the team you will play for first. Following that, your opponents and team will be positioned on a football field that will suddenly materialize in front of you. The match will start when the referee gives the signal.

To beat the opposition, you will need to pass passes between your players while in possession of them. You will succeed when you get to your objective. Your goal is to score points by scoring a goal into the opposing team's net. 

You will select a national team to compete against, enter tournaments, and attempt to win each game in order to advance to the championship game, win the cup, and ascend to the top of the globe. soccer, and you will succeed without a doubt, especially now that we have taught you how to manage your players.

Move with WASD/ARROWS, shoot with space, pass with K, N, or M, switch players with J, and press the opposition with H. We hope to see you become the winner and dominate virtual soccer games, just like in real-life soccer, where the side with the most goals at the end of the game wins!

How To Play

  • Utilize the K, N, M, J, H, and WASD/ARROW keys.

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