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Angry Chicken Egg Madness

To compete with the insane Angry Chicken and become an egg-catching ninja is your goal in the game Angry Chicken Egg Madness. Catch as many eggs as you can while avoiding the nasty ones and making use of the super-powered ones. Be quick and chop all the eggs before they fall, because Ninja Eggs will allow you to cut eggs with your fingers. You lose if three eggs are missed and they break. Can you withstand the Angry Chicken's insane egg drop?
Be quick to chop all the eggs before they fall because some very unusual eggs, like ninja eggs, will let you cut eggs with your fingertips. In this insane egg-throwing game, as you progress, Angry Chicken will run faster and dump eggs twice as quickly while the other chickens yell at you.

How To Play

  • Employ mouse

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