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Angry Basketball

You must polish and put the ball into the basket in the common game of Angry Basketball. By hitting Angry Bird, you can assist the bird that is flying the highest in this game. You'll need to toss it into the hoop as high as you can to do this. Don't worry if you encounter issues after passing the game screen and upgrading Angry Bird. Don't let the ball touch the floor while you score points. Keep the ball from falling to the ground while collecting the stars. It seems simple, yes? Absolutely, the difficulty increases! The two primary aspects of this game are accuracy and physics. The ball rolled and bounced like it would naturally. The ball will become stuck if it contacts a wall or a basket. To put the ball in the basket, players must use the opposite side. Players will also need to shoot with extreme accuracy. They might skid if they shoot too high or too low.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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