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Each online match is a stressful, life-or-death contest. It has their trademark comical animation and well-known colorful characters. Yet they must make a new kind of effort to survive this time. Draw them using the hero's traces, much like in Eliminate the unfinished doodles of other players by crashing into them. In this conflict, the land is at stake, and its borders are being protected. So watch out and don't let the adversary follow suit. Gain the top spot on the server by being quick and anticipatory.

How To Play

By dragging the mouse, you can command the crew. Alternately, you can move around by using the WASD or arrow keys. Don't allow anyone to impede the transparency path before it is finished. Otherwise, they will kill you, and all of your progress will be undone.

Check out our Sugar Heroes game, which is completely free and available online, if you like to spend your leisure time in the entertaining and exciting world of games. Enjoy!

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