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In the 9-Ball Pro version of pool, the object is to always play the lowest-numbered ball first, saving the nine until the very end. On the same device, you can compete against friends, take on bots, or pick one of three other levels of difficulty. A pool table will appear in front of you on the screen when you choose the mode. There will be balls organized in a specific geometric pattern at one end. A white ball will be placed opposite them at the other end of the table. To call out a certain dotted line, you tap the screen. You can use it to calculate the shot's power and trajectory and then make the shot. It is your responsibility to hit the ball you require and put it in your pocket. You will receive points for this in the video game 9 Ball Pro. The player who scores the most balls and has the highest score wins the game.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Check out Mini Golf Club and have a nice time if you enjoy playing this enjoyable platform game.

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