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3d Billiard Piramid

An event dubbed the 3D Billiard Piramid will be held at one of the clubs in your city. This enjoyable game of pocket billiards is played on a snooker table that has been modified to have narrower pockets. You will be required to play a pyramid-like version. Russian billiards is a variation on the billiards pattern that uses colored balls. In Western nations, this game is known as pyramid billiards or, most commonly, just pyramid.

You will see the game board on the screen in front of you. It will have balls with geometric shapes on them. A white ball will be flying in their direction. You must use the cue to try to knock one of the balls into the hole. By clicking on the ball, you can call a special line to accomplish this. You can adjust the shot's trajectory and force with its aid, then fire it when you're ready. The necessary ball will fly into the pocket if you correctly calculate the parameters, awarding you points. Keep in mind that you must pocket all of the balls as quickly as you can.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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