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2048 Runner

Hello, and welcome to 2048 Runner! Navigate your way through a sequence of portals and blocks; stay away from negative portals, enter positive portals, and merge into the same block. However, stay away from blocks with different numbers because you can't merge with them. Attempt to successfully collect 2048 blocks as your character to score points when you merge them!

A number greater than or equal to the level's aim must be present when you complete the level. To pass each level and ultimately win the game, you must outwit the negative portals and keep their count at zero. This requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

How To Play

  • While holding down the left mouse button, move the cursor left or right.

Surely you already have a complete understanding of the game and how to perform at your highest level. In that case, we anticipate your prompt action. We also have other fantastic games like Hidden Cats: Detective Agency for you to enjoy. Enjoy yourselves, and I hope you do!

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